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Strong, flexible and resilient veterinary bandage, suitable for many animals including cats, dogs, equine.

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Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World is the latest addition to our Rapz Eazy Tear® family of veterinary bandages. Showcasing some of nature’s most wild and wonderful creatures, this veterinary cohesive bandage offers great support and versatility; perfect for applying to joints and limbs of cats, dogs, horses and lots of other animals.

As well as offering protection and support for tendons and ligaments, Rapz Eazy Tear® is waterproof, air permeable, cost-effective, and most importantly only sticks to itself not fur or feathers!

Rapz Eazy Tear® sales will contribute to our commitment to Wildlife Vets International.


  • Starter tab on all varieties - Easy to locate the start of the roll.
  • More usable length at recommended 50% stretch during application - More bandage for your money!
  • Superbly flexible and shape conforming - Ideal for awkward joint areas.
  • Sterilizable - Ideal for orthopedic procedures.
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns - A lot more choice for you and your clients!
  • Designed to provide measured compression to limbs and joints whilst maintaining non-slip support. Provides a controlled amount of sub bandage pressure providing a more consistent level of support.
  • When applied, correctly provides excellent elastic return pressure - Lowers the risk of compromising circulation.
  • Water resistant – maintaining structure even when wet.
  • Reverse wound – Ensures correct application.
  • Lightweight – more comfort for your patient.

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Products are available through your preferred distributor or via Millpledge direct. We also export to Central & South America.

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