Our high standards and expertise ensures we can supply you with a wide range of high quality bandages for a multitude of uses.

Knitted Bandages 2 600 x 600
Knitfirm 600 x 600 v2

True Conforming Bandages

To hold padding in place and assist with protection, support, immobilization, and compression. Flexible with superior structure!


Rapz Eazy Tear® Cohesive Bandages

They won’t stick to skin, hair, feathers or fur! Only to themselves!

Funny Farm 600 x 600 v2
Alert 600 x 600 v2
Bandesive 600 x 600 v2
Anisilk 600 x 600 v2

Multi-purpose bandages and tapes

From our superior Bandesive™ adhesive bandage to non-stretch, versatile medical tapes. We've got you covered!


Peace of Mind for the Veterinary Professional

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Millpledge Quality

ISO 9001 & 13485 High Quality Manufacturing for over 40 years

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Unparalleled Customer Support

VN’s or RVT’s on hand to support your business

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Delivering better patient outcomes

Products Designed and Developed for the Veterinary professional

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Products are available through your preferred distributor or via Millpledge direct. We also export to Central & South America.

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