Hemostem™ Dental Cubes

Surgical Consumables • Hemostatic Products

For use in dental procedures. Strip of 5 sterile cubes.

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Sterile. Used in the control of bleeding, as capillary hemorrhaging and serum exudation from damaged tissue wherever conventional methods of local hemostasis is difficult or impractical. Also, to control protracted post-extraction capillary bleeding.
Each cube contains 135mg of micronized modified carboxycellulose with 25mg methycellulose and 40mg modified starch which act as gelling and disintegrant agents. Each cube is individually sealed and blister packed in a strip of five cubes.

Absorbed by the body within 8 days - no need for it to be removed. Additional cubes can be used at the same site to control bleeding quicker or for covering larger areas or deeper and wider sockets.

PRESENTATION: Strip of 5 sterile cubes

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