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Elastic adhesive bandaging tape for veterinary use

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Bandesive® elastic tape is a veterinary-specific product, used for securing dressings and appliances over large areas. Gives superior stretch and uniform return pressure. Suitable for a variety of veterinary clinic types and patients, the adhesive elastic tape is perfect for cats, dogs and even large animals.

Bandesive® is a superior, top layer bandage with improved durability of the more modern cohesive bandage offers extra support and compression where required. Bandesive® elastic adhesive bandage tape comes with a guideline down the center; this is to ensure an even ½ overlap on application.

Porous, water-repellent material covered with a layer of adhesive, useful for holding awkwardly positioned dressings, and offers excellent durability and adhesion, particularly when used for foot bandages and load-bearing patients.

Used for support or compression where required in the treatment of fractures, swollen or sprained joints and tissue traumas. Also used for securing dressings over large areas and fixation of appliances as the final layer.

Available in 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” widths. The 1” width has a cut edge whilst the other widths have a selvedge with a red guide line down the center. All 5 yards in length.

Similar to other products such as Elastikon.

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