Aniset Anti-Kink® UV NEEDLE FREE IV Administration Set - Baxter Compatible. Short-dated - expiry 28 May 2023.

Fluid Therapy • UV Safe IV Administration Sets Needle-Free • Short Dated Products

78" long (15 drops/mL) Blocks over 90% of UV light. Short-dated item - Batch expiry 28 May 2023.

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78" length. Pediatric IV. Fluid Administration Set. Micro-drip. Specifically designed for veterinary use. Blocks over 90% of UV light

IMPORTANT – Place the tubing above the first injection port into the pump as this is the more pliable section of tubing.
It is always advisable to invert injection ports as the fluid is about to fill this part of the tubing, this forces dead-space air from the line.

The Aniset UV is used whilst administering light sensitive liquid medications reducing the risk of molecule crystallisation and drug photo-degradation. Aniset UV provides a protective refractive barrier to light throughout the entire set. Maintains drug potency and limpidity.

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